//Transmission loading …
Log date: 12/10/3050
To: [Expunged]
From: [Expunged]
HPG Transmission Tail:

We are writing to report that the mission was a partial success. The ComStar database has been breached, though only for a very limited time. We followed our operation directives flawlessly but only managed to get a few files before ComStar tracked us and severed connection.

We are sending the files and directories that we obtained from the database. A lot of files were corrupted when our connection was broken. We are not sure if there is any significance to these photos, but hopefully they will give us a clue to what is going on in the Periphery states since ComStar has been so secretive and tight-lipped about it.

Hopefully now we will get to go back home tæ█╪é...

[Transmission Error, Corrupt Message]

- (From the NoGutsNoGalaxy forums)

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