25 followers! Can we make it 50?

A momentous victory for the Battletech/Mechwarrior community!

Two Three things:

1) I am going to start blogging more, including original content. Chief among these would be pictures of my Battletech lance, videos of [REDACTED] after NDA drops, and fan-fiction whenever I’m in a writing mood.

2) I’d like to start doing contests and giveaways if we can reach 50 followers (come on I KNOW there are more Mechwarriors than this on tumblr). Possible giveaway ideas are things such as Battletech minis, and in game cash for Mechwarrior Online when it goes open beta if there is a gift feature or cash cards at Best Buy.

3) What are some suggestions you guys have for changes I can make to the blog, like adding music to the homepage, cycling through back ground pictures, events, what have you.

  1. salahare answered: No music on the homepage, unless you turn of autoplay. I am interested in seeing more tabletop Battletech on my dash in addition to MWO! ^_^
  2. mechy-z answered: 'fraid I'm not any more knowledgable about tumblr than you, but one thing I can say is avoid adding a music player. Or at least not on auto.
  3. jonnyborgoroth answered: more inner sphere wankery! WOOOOOOO!!!
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